Can’t seem to get your desired brightness level at home? Can’t seem to create the right ambience at home? Worry not, here are some tips to choosing the right lighting for your home.

Tip 1: Use warm lightings
After a hard day at work, it’s time to come home and wind down. Make your living spaces optimal for relaxation by using warm lightings. Warm lights promote relaxation as it simulates the colour of sunset and sunrise.

Tip 2: Use task light
Have you ever felt your work spaces are too dark to your liking? Poor lighting can adversely affect your eyesight and focus. Make sure to use task lightings for work spaces and usecool lightings to help you stay alert and provide proper lighting for performing tasks.

Tip 3: Use diversified lightings
Avoid having too much lighting at one focal point. Usage of various lighting at different heights and locations to diversify attention and highlight various details of the room can help enhance the overall outlook of the space. Multiple sources of light also serves to light up the room better as compared to using only 1 light source.

Tip 4: Diffuse your lightings
Maximise your light fixtures to brighten up your room by reflecting light off surfaces to illuminate dark walls.

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